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Last updated: Mar 6th, 2017 02:24 (IST)
By purchasing the products and using the services of this website you agree to the below listed terms and conditions. The acceptance of these Terms of Use is mandatory for the access and use of this website and if you do not agree with all of them you should not create an account with Vectorsdepot.

We have the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. It is your responsibility to check this page and keep yourself updated with the latest edition of Vectorsdepot Terms of Use.

Vectorsdepot does its best to keep the information on this website current and complete, however, we do not guarantee this and we can’t be held responsible if this is not so.


Using our products you agree that:

  • You are 18 years of age or older;
  • You will not engage in any activities that may infringe the rights of Vectorsdepot or any third party;
  • You will not act against these Terms of Use;
  • You will not use our products in any racially, sexually or otherwise offensive way;
  • You will not use any automated data gathering methods to source data from this website;
  • You will not use any technologies to manipulate or display (e.g. within an iframe) the content of this website;

In case you breach any of the provisions of these Terms of Use we have the right to suspend your account, retain any unused credits and seek legal remedies.


The content of this website and the products listed on it are owned by Vectorsdepot and may be protected by intellectual property laws. Unless you have obtained a License (a Standard License or an Physical Product for Resale License) granting you the right to use our products, you are not allowed to do so. In case you obtain the right to use our products, you are not allowed to transfer this right.
If you violate any of these Terms, your License will be suspended automatically and you will have to delete and destroy any products obtained from this website.


You are allowed to use our watermarked graphics as comp images (e.g. to show a project in progress to a client), but it is strictly forbidden to remove the watermarks from the Vectorsdepot products and use them in finished projects.


If you accept these Terms of Use and obtain a License to use a product of ours, you are welcome to use that same product within the guidelines of these Terms of Use. Any intellectual property rights over that product are still owned by Vectorsdepot.
All our products are provided on an “as is” basis. You are not allowed to distribute any unlicensed or watermarked products to the public, any such actions are against these Terms of Use and violate our copyrights.
We have the right to discontinue any of our services or the website with or without a prior notice.


Our graphics are under a commercial license and are available for most uses including commercial, editorial and personal. You are allowed to use our graphics for websites, print advertising, television, movies, documentary, video, newsletters, business card design, packaging, t-shirts, apparel, merchandise, trade shows, displays, logos (the image cannot be copyrighted or trademarked), apps, cd covers, magazine articles, books, games, facebook pages etc…

If you want to put any of our vector graphics as trademark or service mark please contact us.


  • You may not sub-license and/or place any of vector graphics, modified or unmodified, on a website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale.
  • You may not use our vector graphics for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of our vector graphics, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
  • You may not use for any unlawful purpose, to defame a person, to violate a person’s right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark,Porn or service mark of any person/entity.


After we have successfully received your payment, the selected vector graphic(s) will be instantly available to download. Usually it happens within seconds.In rare circumstances it may take an hour. If you do not receive the download link after this time period, contact us through our website.


You may not copyright our images as stand alone images. If you use them as part of a larger creative work (i.e.: illustrated children’s books) you may copyright your larger work which may include our images. When in doubt please ask us for clarification.


Penalties for reselling, or for using our images without downloading them here using a real name, will be far greater than the cost of the original license. We are friendly, and happy to help so please contact us when in doubt.


The use of this website is at your own discretion. All our services and products are provided on an “as is” “as available” and “with all faults” basis and Vectorsdepot expressly disclaims any warranties (expressed or implied) over this website’s content, functions and products.
Should any part of this website or its products prove defective it is you that bears the full consequences and costs associated with that defect.
Vectorsdepot provide no warranty that:

  • The products listed on this website are going to meet your requirements;
  • This website is going to work without interruption;
  • The website quality is going to meet your expectations;
  • Any technical or factual errors will be corrected;


Vectorsdepot does not sale or rent your personal information. Any use of your personal information is within the guidelines of our Privacy Policy. Creating an account with Vectorsdepot and using our services means that you agree with the Privacy Policy of this website.
In case you do not agree with the regulations of our Privacy Policy, you have to cease using our website and its services immediately.


Vectorsdepot does its best to keep all prices on this website current and updated, however, due to a genuine error it may happen that a product displays an incorrect price. For cases like this we keep our right to cancel the transaction and refund the payment, if such payment has been made.


Under no conditions will Vectorsdepot be liable for any losses or damages arising from the use or inability to use the products of Vectorsdepot.


Vectorsdepot is a digital download business and we do not entertain any refunds.However we accept exchange in case to case basis.Please contact us through email.


In case we don’t act immediately against anyone breaching these Terms of Use, does not mean that we are loosing our right to take any actions in response to the breach on a later stage.


Purchasing our products and using our services, gives us the right to use your business name and logo for the promotion of the same products and services.


Vectorsdepot is not responsible for any harm caused to your computer systems by computer viruses that may have been transmitted while accessing our website and/or downloading our products.
Vectorsdepot is not responsible for any incomplete or corrupt copies of files that you may download from our website in relation to internet connection problems.


If you think that we harm your copy rights with any of our characters or illustrations, please, contact us and we are going to investigate the case thoroughly.


Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to these Terms of Use, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


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