Learn how to create an adorable Bird Cartoon character using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an adorable Bird Cartoon character.
You will use the Pen Tool (P), Rectangle Tool (M), Rotate Tool (R), the Ellipse Tool (L), Reflect Tool(O) and the Shape Builder Tool (Shift+M). This is a great tutorial for those who already have the hang on Adobe Illustrator’s and will let you learn new tools.

You can download this vector character for free from www.vectorsdepot.com


Step 1
Create a new Document and use Elipse Tool (L)

Step 2
Lets start with the pen tool, you need to click to different points to create a new line.

Step 3

So we start creating the spike for the head of our character.

Should Look something like this

Step 4

We start with the beak as well

In the last dot we connect, click, hold and drag to create a curve, it should look something like this

Step 5
Lets learn diagonal lines with the Pen Tool (P) you can click freely and create some sort of square shape (we are using a diagonal so you can see)

But if you click with Shift, the lines will only go straight, making them perpendicular.

Step 6
We will make both legs straight.

And the arms we gonna use the same Click, hold, and drag to make them curve

And 2 cicles with the Elipse Tool for the hands

Step 7
We gonna select the circle and the spikes

And try Using the ShapeBuilderTool(Shift+M)

This tool allow us to join and eliminated form we don’t want real quick. So still with our cicle and spike selected we gonna Shift click and drag the mouse over the to elements and it will join them together.

Step 8

So now we will transform the arms into objects, first we must select them

Now we go to path Outline,  this can help you transform lines into object and places lines over the lines you already done.

Step 9

Lets color it, first select the head and color it black. And eliminate the border.

Select the beak and select the inside color and use C13%, M43%, Y93%­

Step 10

For the eye we are going to use the elipse tool with white color.

Step 11

We are going to make another circle

Drag to the middle of the other eye and reduce it size

Paint Black and the duplicate to a side by dragging it to the side while holding the Alt key

Fill with white and reduce it size

Step 12

Select the body and paint with your favorite color

Step 13

With the Direct Selection Tool (A) you need to select one of the bottom corners the holding the Shift key select the 2nd bottom corner, Two white circle will appear (CC2016 or upper) drag them to the middle and the corner will transform into curves

Step 14

Drag the legs and place in order, should look something like this:

Step 15

We will go back to our Pen Tool (P) and make some spiky fingers on those hands

Step 16

And now lets make some shoes!

Step 17

We will make the first one and drag it to the other leg while holding the Shift+Alt so we duplicate it on the same line as the other feet

Step 18

Now use the Reflect Tool (O) and drag the feet, it will flip to the other side

Step 19

Lets make the Shirt, With you Pen Tool (P) create a quick square on the dots we already had on the red body.

Color it as you prefer

Then use the Object>Arrange>Send Object Back

Step 20

Select the Head, Shirt, Peak and Pant a use the Filter>Stylize>Drop Shadow

Pick the options: Multiply, 45%, X Offset 2.47mm, Y-Offset 2.47mm, Blur 1.76 mm

Step 21

Use the Rectangle Tool and and Holding Shift it will make a precise Square

Select the square and with the Eyedropper Tool(I) Pick the yellow color from the peak


Step 22

As we did with the corners on the pants we need to select the square with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and drag the corners on the square.

Step 23

Select the Shoes and  use the color C28%, M72%, Y100%

Step 24

Use the Pen Tool (P) and do the Shoe laces the same way we did with the hand, just click, Hold and Drag

Step 25

Use the Rotate Tool (R) and click and drag the blue crosshair to the bottom of the laces, the click, hold and drag the shoe laces and it will rotate with the crosshair as the center.

Make some lines as the Shoe laces with the Pen Tool (P)

Step 25

Select the Shoelaces and drag to the other foot, then using the Opposite Tool (O) drag the crosshair to the shoelaces bottom and then drag the laces to the right so it will flip them

Step 26

Make a triangle for the nose

Step 27

With the Rectangle Tool create two boxes (one for the sky and one for the floor) and the select them and use the Object>Arrange>Send to back and then color them accordingly.

Step 28

Lets make some circles with the Elipse Tool (L)

Try to make them so we can cut them with a line like this example.

So you can use the shape Builder Tool (Shift+M) and holding the Shift+Alt and click , hold and drag so the lower part of the cloud disappears

Clean the lines that you don’t want with the Shape Build Tool (Shift+M)  while holding Alt

Now select all the clouds and Change them to white without border, then use the Cmd+G or Object>Group so the cloud keep together.

Step 29

Move the clouds as you like and place them on the background.

Step 30

Have fun using the Shape Builder tool and the Pen tool!


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