How to Create a modern House Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a modern House illustration. I’m sure by now, all my followers can probably predict which tools and methods we’ll use in today’s tutorial. This means that you’ve become more professional, and maybe one day you’ll also become a tutorial instructor!

And feel free to download this Illustration for free from Link


Step 1

Let’s start by creating a New Document (Ctrl + N), 560×560 px, RGB color and 300 ppi, so the drawing will have the highest quality possible.

Step 2

Once you have your document, use the Rectangle tool (M) to create one (color #7FB5B5), this will be your house.

Step 3

With the same tool, create another smaller rectangle (color #DBDBDB) at the bottom.

Step 4

With the Selection Tool (V) select the smallest rectangle you just made and press Ctrl + C to copy it and Ctrl + V to paste it, position it on the top.

Step 5

Now make another one on the top to make the roof, and with the Direct Selection tool (A) move the anchor points to give it this shape.

Step 6

Now select the roof that you just made with the Selection tool (V) and with the right click go to “Arrange” > “Send to Back” to send it to the back.

Step 7

Now make the details of the roof – Let’s go to the Rounded Rectangle tool and make a small one in this way (color #59443D).

Step 8

Now with the Line Segment tool (\), draw one in the middle of the figure you just made by holding down the Shift key so that it’s straight.

Step 9

Select the line you just made and the figure with the Selection tool (V), and in the Pathfinder window press “Divide”.

Step 10

Now with the Direct Selection tool (A) select the top part and press “Delete” to delete it.

Step 11

With the Selection tool (V) select the figure you have left and hold down the Alt key drag it to copy it, position it several times on the roof to make the details until it takes this form.


Step 12

The door – With the Rectangle tool (M) make one (color #EFEFEF) to make the door.

Step 13

Now make another smaller one inside this one (color #7C6D63).

Step 14

With the Rectangle tool (M), make a rectangle above (color #E27A7A) and two on the sides (color #D16B6B) to make the details.

Step 15

Make the windows, with the tool Rectangle (M) make several in the wall (color #EFEFEF) to make the windows.

Step 16

Within each window, make smaller rectangles to make the crystals, and other rectangles above and below to make the details.

Step 17

Draw a rectangle in the middle to give it more details.

Step 18

Now make a small rectangle (color #6B9B9A), then with the Selection tool (A) and holding down the Alt key copy it and paste it to give details to the walls.

Step 19

Do some vegetation, with the Bloob Brush tool (Shift + B) click to make small circles under the windows (color #92C466).

Step 20

With the same tool and a darker color (color #80AA57) make shadows underneath the vegetation you just made.

Step 21

With the Selection tool (V) select each vegetation you did first and press Ctrl + C to copy it and Ctrl + F to paste it in the same place. Select both with the Selection tool (V) by pressing the Shift key. Then go to the Pathfinder window and select “Intersect”. Do the same with each vegetation.

Step 22

Using the Rectangle tool (M) add details to the door (color #635449) and use the Ellipse tool (L) to make a small circle (color #A8A8A8) to make the door knob. You almost finish!

Step 23

Make some trees – With the Rectangle tool (M) make one (color #3D2F2B) to make the trunk.

Step 24

With the Polygon tool and a color of #678257, click on your artboard and place 3 sides to make a triangle. Press “Ok”.

Step 25

Copy it with Ctrl + C and paste it with Ctrl + V, change the color to a darker one (color #4F683E) and position it below the first triangle you made.

Step 26

Copy and paste and darken the color twice more (color #405430 / color #2F3F22), and you have your tree ready!

Step 27

Select the whole tree with the Selection tool (V) and press Ctrl + C to copy it, and press Ctrl + B to paste it behind the drawing, move it to the other side.


Step 28

Make a large rectangle the size of your artboard to make the background, press the “Grandient” option.

Step 29

In the window “Grandient” double click on the Grandient Slider to change the color.

Step 30

Use these values (color #BBEAFF / #CCA183) and you have your gradient.

Step 31

Using the Gradient tool (G), draw a vertical line from top to bottom to change the shape of your gradient.

Step 32

Select it with the tool Selection (V) and send it behind the drawing with right click >” Arrange “>” Send to Back “.

Step 33

Finally make a last rectangle (color #424242) with the Rectangle tool (M) to make the ground and press the right click > “Arrenge” > “Send Backward” until it is behind. Add another (color #EFEFEF) at the entrance to make a way and, it’s done!

Step 34

You have your house ready! It’s so pretty. Remember to save your work so you don’t lose it.


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